News & Updates

  • House on the Gilboa at Mishelach website

    Avital Hacarmi, who manage House on the Gilboa with Elad Bloch, talks about the women and their strong connection to Merav Community, at the religious website 'Mishelach'.

  • Create from the Heart - Fair at Jerusalem

    Create from the Heart - Fair at Jerusalem

    We are happy to participate at "Create from the Heart" - fair for Non-Profit Organizations, sponsored by Bank Mizrahi. The fair will be at Alrov Sderot Mamila in Jerusalem, during Sunday-Tuesday (September 22nd-24th), at 17:00-22:00. We will be...

  • New Birthday Calendars

    New Birthday Calendars

    We are getting ready for the Jewish New Year and already offer birthday calendars for children and adults, designed by Beit Elisha members. Comming soon - big calendars for 2013-2014, designed by our community members as well.

  • We appear on Hagit Evron's website!

    We appear on Hagit Evron's website!

    Hagit Evron, writer of 'Friday Morning' and 'Holiday' (successful Israeli books) enjoyed a day at our Gallery Café, and talks about it on her beautiful website.

  • Mary Poppins Premiere

    Mary Poppins Premiere

    Beit Elisha's theater group, in cooperation with actors from Haifa theater and Hamila theater present a short and unique version to the famous musical 'Mary Poppins'. The show will play for the first time on Friday 31/05 and Saturday 01/06 in the...

  • New! Breakfast in our Gallery Cafe on Fridays

    New! Breakfast in our Gallery Cafe on Fridays

    Our Gallery Cafe is now open on Fridays as well, where we offer great Galilean breakfasts with breathtaking views. Beit Elisha products, such as ceramics, weaving, paper and bakery are also available for purchase.

  • Jews and Special Needs - Blog by Michelle Wolf

    Michelle Wolf, one of the leaders of the Special Needs Mission to Israel who visited Beit Elisha, share her feelings in the Jewish Jurnal blog.

  • House on the Gilboa Project

    Read about the House on the Gilboa Project on the Ruderman Family Foundation Blog "Ze La'ze"

Kibbutz Harduf


Kibbutz Harduf, in the Lower Galilee, was established in 1982 by a group of young families inspired by Anthroposophy, the spiritual philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

As part its unique ideology, Harduf has initiated numerous projects over the years in education, special education, mental health, welfare and organic agriculture. These include among others the first Waldorf School in Israel and Harduf Organic Food Products Ltd. – Israel's largest producer and marketing firm of organic agricultural products.

There are currently about 650 people living in Harduf, of which 170 are children, youth and adults who require special support. These members, residents of the four rehabilitative frameworks within the kibbutz (two of which are Beit Elisha and the Tuvia Community) make up 25% of the kibbutz population and are fully integrated into the kibbutz life.


Harduf also hosts a wide range of professional training programs related to the Anthroposophic philosophy. About 150 adult students receive their training in the Waldorf Education Teachers' Training Program, the Social Therapy and Curative Education Training Program and in specialized courses in drama, art therapy, biographical work and more.

The members of Kibbutz Harduf maintain good relations with the local population of the region and operate many joint Jewish-Arab projects.